Artificial Intelligence ! Zijn er voordelen? wie bepaalt het "gehalte" van de ethische overwegingen ? Is daar bij het proces-digitaal procederen daar voldoende over doorgedacht ?

27-10-2016 09:17

Potential Benefits and Ethical Considerations


The ability of AI systems to transform vast amounts of complex, ambiguous information into insight has the potential to reveal long-held secrets and help solve some of the world’s most enduring problems. However, like all powerful technologies, great care must be taken in its development and deployment. To reap the societal benefits of AI systems, we will first need to trust them and make sure that they follow the same ethical principles, moral values, professional codes, and social norms that we humans would follow in the same scenario. Research and educational efforts, as well as carefully designed regulations, must be put in place to achieve this goal. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is actively engaged, both internally as well as with its collaborators and competitors, in global discussions about how to make AI ethical and as beneficial as possible for people as society.


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