Digitaal procederen ? Malware attack at Pima County's Arizona Superior Court. Wie draait er aan de digitale knoppen van de Nederlandse rechtbanken.?

26-02-2016 09:08
The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County’s data systems experienced a malware attack by individuals who were attempting to seize court personnel data for the purpose of obtaining a ransom payment. Commonly referred to as ransomware, a program was introduced to the Court’s network via a presumptively harmless download by a court employee in the course of his/her work. Thanks to the rapid response of the Court’s technical team, no data was lost or acquired by the perpetrators.The malware attack was identified yesterday (Tuesday) morning when it was discovered that access to certain electronic files had been abruptly curtailed. Access to administrative documents was unavailable for a period of time while restrictions were enforced in order to limit the spread of the program and to permit scanning of court systems for further problems. All court technical applications remained functional during the day, with the exception noted above. By 4:30 p.m. all systems and files had been scanned and clearance given that the malware had been eliminated. The Court’s IT team will stay in alert mode for a few days to ensure that no problems recur.
As of noon on Feb. 24, n been received that attempts to obtain any sort of ransom payment. No case file information or documents of any sort were obtained. No court data was lost or acquired by the perpetrators.
Utrecht / Haaksbergen, 26 februari 2017